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I am a Nurse ~Poem written by Beth Perry

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

I am Your Nurse

I ease your pain. I bathe your skin. I make your bed. I help you dress. I meet your needs. You heal me.

I am your nurse. I feed you meals. I give you rest. I tend your wounds. I sense your suffering. I answer your questions. You teach me.

I am your nurse. I know your pain. I share your loneliness.

I feel your despair. I taste your joy. I sense your spirit. You touch my soul.

And sometimes, for just a moment, I am you, and you are me, and we are one.

Together, we go beyond the limits of ordinary experience, to live the extraordinary.

Beth Perry. Page 24.

Image Taken from an article written for by Jennifer Larson titled: Labour and Delivery Nursing: Embracing the Good and Bad.

Additional verses written by myself in reflection of Beth's poem.

I am your nurse.

I have the privilege to be here.

To celebrate a new life with you.

To mourn the loss of one with you.

From to elation to suffering.

We are one.

I feel your joy.

I feel your pain.

I understand your deepest desires.

I embrace your deepest fears.

I am your voice when you can’t use yours.

Lean on me.

Trust me.

I am with you.

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