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Reframing your Perspective.

Updated: May 15, 2022

Reframing your perspective is a powerful move. When you feel stuck or resistant, pause and look for the upside. Shifting your thinking from 'I have to do this' to I get to do this' engages curiosity. This turns every experience into a chance for growth, wisdom and understanding. - unknown author

I have recently started Graduate Studies through Athabasca University working towards my Master's of Nursing with a focus in Nursing Leadership and Teaching. This shift, reframing ones perspective is something that I am currently also undergoing. I wanted to post this because I believe, it is always relevant, but even more so now for me as I embark on this new journey. What journey are you on?

Upon reflection, what situations/experiences could you have reframed your perspective to attain a positive outcome?

What can you choose to do the next time you are faced with a circumstance that you feel stuck or resistant to shift your perspective?

Can you generate a personal tool or trick to remind you and help facilitate this perspective shift quicker or more efficiently?

I challenge you to go forward and find your ability to reframe your perspective and assess the outcomes of this shift in whatever journey you are on.





Change your perspective by learning reframing skills. (2011). Student Affairs Today, 14(4), 8.

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