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Sabrina Boothby RN BN PNC(c)
Masters of Nursing Student


To My 

About Me.

I am someone who wears many hats.

Mom to three young boys, wife to my high-school sweetheart, friend who's love language is giving, fitness enthusiast who obsessed with my Peloton, registered nurse with a passion for perinatal nursing and finally someone who truly loves to learn and believes one's ability to learn is never over.

I have a passion for leadership and teaching. Watching those A-Ha moments in real time, seeing those connections being made and put into action is not only rewarding but also both personally and professionally fulfilling. Inspiring new leaders to go forward and create their own change in whatever they do is a true testament to being an effective leader. Finding teaching opportunities allows for continual growth and striving to be the best version one can be, both from the learner and the teacher.

I work in tertiary Labour & Delivery in Alberta and have been in this department for 13 years. I work as both a floor nurse and charge nurse. Hold both formal and informal leadership roles such as precepting new staff, clinical resource nurse, co-chair of our quality council and implementation lead for the inpatient Women's Health department launch of Connect Care.

"Set a standard today for yourself. Not a goal. A goal is a wish. A standard holds you accountable. "

Tunde Oyeneyin

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